Make Your Mustache a Work of Art

Where to Start

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Assess Yourself

So who are you?  What do you look like?  Easy question’s with subjective answer’s, right?  But be honest with yourself, because honesty is what’s going to allow you to pick the right style of mustache here.  In short, if you have a small face, pick a smaller mustache, if you have a bigger face, pick a bigger mustache.

A common fallacy among mustache wanna-be’s is to go too big and end up looking like santa clause on Atkins.

Assess Your Life

As stated before, a mustache is an extension of yourself, so take a nice, long look at what you do.  If you wear a suit, tie, and top hat every day to work, the Handlebar and Chin puff might be the look for you.  If you used to play football in highschool and still think you do but work as a tollbooth attendant than perhaps a chevron is more your style.  Either way, choosing the natural route to gravitate towards the desired mustache is key.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

The importance of keeping a mustache healthy is indeed difficult, but necessary.  A few hairs out a place can cause complete havoc upon your style, and leave you looking homeless.

As a rule of thumb, before you go out into the world, take a few minutes after brushing your teeth to trim, shave, and mold your stache into it’s desired look.  Having a mustache is a responsibility, and you simply cannot take a “day off” from owning one.

Imagine if the girl you’ve been talking to (who coincidentally only talks to you because you have such an awesome mustache) see’s you the one day you decided to forgo the usual routine of keeping that fine piece of facial hair fine.  The results would be, well, catastrophic.  She would move on to find a man competent enough to maintain a mustache, and you’d be left looking homeless AND single.

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