Make Your Mustache a Work of Art

young handsome attractive bearded model man in urban context

The Mustache is the first impression and last thing people remember about your appearance.  Naturally then, asking why (if you choose to have one) a mustache is so important is a no-brainer.

We have seen time and time again, men attempting to be something they’re not through shear neglect of growing facial hair.  And that is the first mistake, thinking that simply letting your face do the work counts for growing a mustache- it doesn’t.

In fact, growing a mustache requires patience, precision, and creativity.  Above all these things, an understanding of one’s self is a must.  If you fail at introspection you will fail at successfully growing a mustache.  This piece of facial hair not only emulates who you are, but what you stand for.  And it is for this reason so many attempt to be someone they’re not.

In reality, a mustache should be an extension of who you already are, and nothing more.  Who you are is fine, who you are is great, show it with a nice stache, but don’t pretend to be Teddy Roosevelt getting ready to march on San Juan.

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